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Janet Greta Budgets

Minimalist 100 Envelope Savings Challenge Binder

Minimalist 100 Envelope Savings Challenge Binder

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How much do you want to save?

Perfect for cash budgeters who LOVE to save!

💡 A much more efficient way to save for the 100 envelope savings challenge in a BINDER!! You get to chose which colour of vinyl you want on the binder as well as on the pouches!!

📏Comes with an A5 size binder (9 inches tall X 7 inches wide), 1 laminated reusable tracker, pouches either labeled 1-100 for the traditional way to save $5,050 OR labeled with denominations of 10- $5, 10-$10, 20-$20, 20-$25, and 10-$35 for the non traditional way to save $1,850!

🆘 Please note!! Seller is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen items/packages and WILL NOT replace or refund. Seller is also NOT responsible for any damaged product once received. I inspect everything once prior to selling and packaging, and WILL NOT replace or refund if item(s) arrive damaged.

❌ Since every order is a personalized/custom order seller will not allow any cancellations after 48 hrs after purchase.

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